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MOYU FlipStone – The Stone Era Re-Invented

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Today's Flipcharts…

They’re very much outdated. Flipchart paper is still and almost always made from regular wood paper. When using the paper regularly, as a company you quickly go through dozens of sheets of paper per month, week or even per day! That means an enormous amount of paper waste and a negative impact on nature.

The alternative: an erasable Flipchart made from whiteboard material. But… there are drawbacks too. It is not a durable material and erasing becomes a lot more difficult after a while. Or it even becomes impossible – since more and more stains are left behind. Moreover, a whiteboard doesn’t provide a smooth writing experience as compared to writing on regular paper. Finally, a whiteboard Flipchart only has one 'sheet' to write on, so there’s less room for your notes, drawings or presentation.

Time for a Flipchart Revolution: The MOYU FlipStone

The MOYU FlipStone combines the best of both worlds – and even goes the extra mile for a sustainable touch. This erasable Flipchart is made from 100% sustainable stone paper. This feels and writes suspiciously much like 'normal' paper, but then even better. Thanks to the water-repellent nature of stone paper, you can easily erase the written text of the supplied PILOT Frixion Felt Pens with a spray plus cloth. Even if the text has been on the Flipover paper for months!

Let’s list some MOYU FlipStone facts:

Want to go back to the Stone Age with us?

Hell yeah!

This Flipchart-with-very-sustainable-touch is ideal for companies, schools, offices, brainstorming sessions, meetings, creative work and presentations. Moreover, thanks to your purchase of the MOYU FlipStone, you are making the world a little greener. We plant 1 tree in collaboration with our local partner Trees For Kenya for every FlipStone set purchased!

Do you also want to place a fabulous FlipStone at the office, in the meeting room or in the classroom?

Prefer to only order Flipchart stone paper instead of the whole set? That’s possible too! Flipchart stone paper can be installed on any Flipchart stand. The paper is 100% sustainably produced and rewritable up to 500 times!